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12 Weeks Body Transformation

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Enjoy a 7-Day FREE Trial, followed by just $19.99usd/month

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*Only for limited time period* 

Enjoy a 7-Day FREE Trial, followed by just $19.99/month

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🔍 Painpoint: We've all been there. Weeks, even months, of exercise with minimal visible results. The scale doesn't budge, and neither does your spirit.Feel Lost in the Fitness Labyrinth?You've tried countless routines, apps, and diets. But something's missing. The sea of generic workouts and mismatched nutritional advice leaves you overwhelmed, confused, and far from your goals. Despite the sweat, the time, and the hopes, your 'Desire Body' feels like a distant dream, a silhouette constantly escaping your grasp.You crave a transformation that speaks to YOU, aligns with YOUR body, YOUR pace, and YOUR unique aspirations. Not just another program, but a trusted companion on this journey to your truest self.


🌐 What To Expect: Enter Desirefit - Singapore's most trusted fitness solution. A world where your fitness aspirations aren't just dreams, but achievable milestones.

Discover the power of choice with our 18 meticulously designed fitness programs, tailored to match your unique goals and pace.

Whether you're diving into our Desire 12-week resistance band routine, sculpting with our Signature Strong transformation, or pushing your limits with advanced training modules, each 40-minute workout is your passport to peak physical form.


At Desire, we believe in empowering you to train your way, giving you the tools, guidance, and community support to become your most confident self. Unleash your potential and reshape your future in just 12 weeks.

Transform in Just 12 Weeks!

Dive into a transformative fitness journey with Singapore's most trusted fitness solution, Singapore Fit. We specialize in individualized body transformations, ensuring you achieve remarkable results tailored to your unique physique. Our expertly crafted training plans are designed to unlock your 'Desire Body' in the shortest timeframe possible. Experience world-class training from the comfort of your home with our online 12-Week Transformation program. Join the community that prioritizes quality, results, and your aspirations



🏋️‍♂️ Witness a weight meltdown

🔄 Turn back the clock and regain your youthful body age

💃 Achieve that coveted body recomposition

⚖️ Imagine shedding 8-10kg in no time

📈 Result: "I've tried countless fitness apps, but only Desirefit brought visible, palpable changes," says one of our satisfied users.




💼 Our Offering:

Desire 12-Week Series: Unlock your dream body.

Individualized Programs: From weight meltdown to body recomposition.

Expert Guidance: Personalized nutrition plans and world-class strength training.

Flexible & Convenient: Train from the comfort of your home.

Community Support: Join a community that prioritizes your aspirations.



7-Day FREE Trial – Dive in without a commitment. Only $19.99 Monthly after the trial. Access 18 transformative fitness programs. Expert guidance from Master Trainer Eugene, a decade-long beacon of health and confidence. 💡 Did we mention the personalized nutrition blueprint? Because your body isn't just sculpted in the gym, but also in the kitchen. Join the Desirefit Revolution! 🌟🌟 Start Your Free Trial NOW! 🌟🌟

Master Trainer 

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Introducing Eugene Low: the driving force and mastermind behind Desirefit. With a decade of hands-on experience, Eugene has been the beacon of transformation for countless individuals, guiding them towards enviable health and unwavering confidence.


Recognizing the challenges of taking that pivotal first fitness step, especially amidst the hustle of work and family, Eugene birthed Desirefit. His core mission?


To make wellness accessible, achievable, and less daunting. Dive into our 12-week transformational journey, bolstered by 18 handpicked, essential workout programs available on the Desirefit app.


These programs are crafted with precision to ensure you witness profound results in minimal time. Join hands with Eugene and the Desirefit community, and watch as your fitness aspirations take shape in reality. Your journey, Eugene's expertise. Let's co-create your success story

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Discover the Program's Impact

Month One: Body Prep Phase.

In our kickoff month, we set the stage for upcoming intensities, honing in on cardiovascular prowess, muscular stamina, and agile flexibility

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Month Two: Elevate & Evolve.

This month, dive deeper into intensified routines, meticulously crafted to boost muscle development and expedite fat reduction

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Final Month: Precision & Perfection.

As we approach the culmination, we zero in on optimizing your regimen to yield peak results and round off your transformative journey.

Embark on a total body metamorphosis backed by tailored training, expert nutritional insights, and a supportive community

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"Desirefit's structured approach gave me results beyond my expectations. The app's structured workouts and expert nutrition plans yielded results that exceeded my expectations. The clear path to progress, guided by master trainer Eugene's program, made every step of the journey rewarding and motivating. I found myself consistently achieving milestones that I never thought possible. The comprehensive support and tailored solutions provided by Desirefit became the cornerstones of my success, transforming not only my physique but also my outlook on life. I can confidently say that Desirefit has helped me unlock my full potential, and I'm now living a healthier, happier, and more confident life. Joining the Desirefit community has been a game-changer, and I'm excited to continue this incredible journey towards my best self."

Over 10000 Transformation
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Our Journey Unfolded


"With Desirefit, I finally found a fitness solution that truly understands me. The tangible results surpassed all my expectations. What sets Desirefit apart is its unwavering commitment to personalized fitness journeys. It's not just about getting in shape; it's about aligning your fitness goals with your unique body and pace. As I embarked on this transformative journey, I discovered that Desirefit's approach isn't just about workouts; it's about fostering a lifestyle that empowers you to become the best version of yourself. The incredible progress I made along the way, both physically and mentally, was awe-inspiring. Desirefit not only transformed my physique but also redefined my self-perception and self-belief. It's not just a fitness app; it's a life-changer. I'm profoundly grateful for the incredible journey with Desirefit, and I'm excited to see where it will take me next on my path to sustained health and vitality."

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Enjoy a 7-Day FREE Trial, followed by just $19.99/month

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*Only for limited time period* 

Enjoy a 7-Day FREE Trial, followed by just $19.99/month

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