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Desirefit grants you a limited license for the usage of the website, licence does not inclue any resale or commercial use of the website and any content related; videos, pictures, training plan, workout, content, assessment. The website may not be reproduced, copied, resold or duplicated or being abuse for commercial purpose without any express written consent.


Our member's interest are our piority however you are responsible to protect your own account and password confidentiality. Membership are not transferable. If there is any abuse or misuse with the membership, account is highly liable to be terminated, content removed or suspended.


Usage of the website by the user is expressly agree that it is at their individual risk, the website provides content, service and information that is as accurate, trustable and reliable but is disclaimed from all warranties, liabilities, express or implied for any specific fitness purpose.Under no circumstances shall DesireFit be liable in terms of any accidental claims, injuries,Self Injury, any damage including, Profit Lost, business interuption, including negligence. In no circumstances will DesireFit of liability exceed the price that you paid for a service or product.

DesireFit sought to provide the most accurate content, however it does not warrant or guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any information or database on our service. Content are subjected to change at any point of time without notice. The forum, comment section and any other area are all user generated content display, it is represented by individual's own view and not necessarily. Desire Fiti s not responsible or endorse by the advice, opinions and statement other than authorize staff of DesireFit

The materials published on DesireFit, and through other mobile apps, photos, articles, graphic, content feeds, forum posting, audio and video clips, trademarks, service marks, and other content is entirely copyrighted by Desirefit. Other information providers have also agree to give license to Desirefit when submitting their pictures or any other related work. The entire content of Desirefit is protected by copyright and is owned by DesireFit. You may not republish, reproduce, redistribute content portion, content provided by others without a proper consent of the owner


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DesireFit is excluded from all liability with these Terms of Use, this website, or any content or material accessible at any time, whether in contract, tort(including without limitation negligence), under statue, in equity, common law, statutory cause of action, under indemnity or any other basis, and also we will not be liable for any direct, incidental, indirect damages, consequential, loss of profit, loss or corruption data, bargain or opportunity, goodwill, loss of anticipated savings or any other similar issues, or in any ways resulting from your access, to use, or inability to use this website.

You agree to defend, indemnity and hold harmless towards DesireFit, also against from all actions, claims, demands, liabilities and settlements, including without limitation, accounting fees and reasonable legal with your use of this website or resulting from, alleged to result from, your use of this website, the content or breach of any of these Terms of use under the Jurisdiction 

DesireFit allow user to share their questions in the forum. However any misconduct or action a user infringe is prohibited. DesireFit reserve all right to monitor user online conduct, and will enforce accordingly if found user attempt to do anything of the following:

1. Using abusive language
2. Being rude 
3. Posting anything that is harassing, harmful, threatening, vulgar, abusive, defamatory, hateful, ethicnically, racially or otherwise subjected.
4. Interfere with other people comment
5. Impersonate any person or misrepresent your identity
6. Advertising any product, content, website, video, picture or individual.
7. Claiming to be endorsed by, sponsored by or affiliated with DesireFit


DESIREFIT takes your privacy seriously. We highly uphold our integrity in protecting our members personal information and data. By using this websites, you have agree to our Privacy and Policy without limitation. For any information(including health-related and personal) that you reveal in a public website forum( such as discussion board, forum, forum comment, posting or related) is not protected by the Privacy and Policy. DESIREFIT BODY SCORE AND DESIRE PROGRESS SCORE is using a third party program to provide member with their health and fitness analysis results, and is not protected by this Privacy and Policy. We use standard protocol to protect every single members data so that we can protect their information online and offline. Sensitive data such as credit card is protected and encrypted through the use of third party technology

We obtain information primarily for providing a better service and helps improve DESIREFIT for members to achieve their fitness and health results. We use the information to gather relevant information to provide to our users on new features and updates. We DO NOT sell, rent or transfer user personal data information to any third party, except limited circumstances such as MYPTHUB, or other third party plugins on this website may contact you in terms to conduct research and other related purpose

Third parties company that we hire to better facilitate the payment process such as Paypal helps our user better protect and encrypted their credit card payment and may need to share your personal identifiable information with the company. We provide only relevant information to be able for them to process the functions and will not allow for any use other than that. For a better development, we may have different partnership business such as service or product to help provide better service to our user, and if user choose to use such service or product, we may share your personally identifiable information that is required to connect to you. However, if you are not comfortable with the guidelines of such service or product you may choose not to use


Desirefit provides individual training for our client(user) through the app. Client(user) of our personal coaching service or related events agreement is valid in the website and app MYPTHUB. Your personal coaching sessions or package must be paid before commencing of any coaching workout. You understand that this Personal Coaching agreement is between you and DesireFit and not with the Personal Coach. DesireFit also reserve the right to change your personal coach without prior notice. Personal coaching are non-refundable and non-transferable. In any circumstances, you will be charged a full session for any workout sessions or appointment that you fail to complete. For a better personal experience with the app, you must complete your session by clicking finish workout for own accurate training record, all the training sessions must be completed within the given expire date as the app will not keep record of any sessions done or undone after that.Any recommendations by the personal coach are only paid by the Client(user) itself. You have also agree that by using such personal coaching service, there is no physical condition,medical, impairment or disability reason that prevents you from doing such activity or exercises. You have acknowledge that we will not give you any medical advice before your individual training starts or after using as well. It is your own responsibility to seek a professional doctor for advice before using our app or service.

Order fulfilment and Account Creation

To purchase subscription with DESIREFIT website, you must first create an account on www.desirefit.com. The account that you create require you to provide us with personally identifiable information. This information includes your email address, first name and your last name. Username and password will be created by you so to use that account to purchase our subscription. We will also require your shipping address and financial information (credit card type, number, expiration date and billing address) so this information is to fulfil the order and order payment.